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Loyalty Application

日期: 2016-06-20
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Loyalty Program is important in almost all industries including manufacturing, and non-profit organizations. The need to be closer to the customers, understand their buying pattern and offering customers value for their money has prompted these diverse industry segments to seriously think and deploy customer retention strategies.
Jianhe Smartcard Loyalty Application is designed to significantly improve customer retention by bringing them continuously back and at the same time aims to improve the customer satisfaction level.
Our efficient Loyalty Solutions offer the expertise needed to help you plan and execute a comprehensive, smart card-based loyalty strategy. Whether you need an affordable loyalty starter kit or a team of engineers and marketing specialists we have the expertise.
Showing appreciation will go a long way toward strengthening your relationships with your customers. One way to show customers that you value their business is to provide them with glossy, personalized loyalty smart cards. Customers can sign up for a loyalty program in-store as part of a marketing promotion or loyalty campaign. With Loyalty Programs, Customers Can Be Rewarded for Their Patronage
There are a lot of benefits of Smart Card-based Customer Loyalty Solutions. Smart cards increase transaction efficiency and promote increased purchasing, while decreasing costs due to human error, magnetic strip failure, or fraud. Unlike systems with magnetic stripes, smart loyalty cards are processed off-line. They only require a smart card terminal and a smart loyalty card. There is no costly infrastructure on the backend and no additional transaction costs to worry about.
Multiple reward and incentive options can be linked to the purchase. Our loyalty systems let you create programs for a more direct and friendlier relationship between you and your customers.
Customers Accumulate Points on their Cards. With each visit, customers have their balance checked on an easy-to-use smart card terminal with built-in keypad and display. Once they reach a pre-defined amount of points, the terminal beeps and your customers receive a gift. You define how many points your customers can receive with each Rupee spent. New cards can be activated at the same terminal.


Loyalty Application
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