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Hospital Management

日期: 2016-06-20
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High Frequency RFID Solution System from Jianhe Smartcard enables healthcare providers to reliably track hospital supplies, medical equipment and patients’ records. Our hospital management system includes RFID tags and readers for instant deployment.
The RFID solution kit improves patient safety and hospital efficiency by automated data capture. The RFID patient tracking kit contains passive RFID wristbands, a PDA handheld reader, a desktop HF reader and necessary software.
Doctors and Medical staff can immediately identify a patient and the medical record with a PDA Handheld reader and update current information to the system. With non-allergenic silicon and waterproof design, the one-time using RFID wristband is suitable for hospital patient management such as patient monitoring, medication record and newborns tracing in hospital settings. Desktop HF reader and PDA Handheld reader are used for wristband information collection and transfer.

For organizations considering upgrading their member identity cards to smart cards, the Smart Card Alliance Healthcare Council developed this white paper to serve as a supplement to the Health Identification Card Implementation Guide. It provides smart card designs and includes a discussion of the features and benefits of smart ID cards for healthcare providers and payers.

Smart card technology is used globally for secure identity, access and payment applications. smart card technology is currently used for a wide variety of applications: government and enterprise identity cards, the ePassport, contactless credit and debit cards, transit fare payment cards and GSM mobile phones.

Although the purpose of a health ID card is use by a consumer to convey identity information to healthcare providers or others, only cards based on smart card technology can provide identity assurance and authentication while increasing patient privacy and security. Additionally, smart cards bring operational efficiencies to the healthcare system that reduce costs, reduce fraud, and increase patient satisfaction. As EHRs and personal health records move to the mainstream, smart health ID cards can also be used as a two-factor authentication mechanism into a provider or insurer web portal. Smart health ID cards protect patient privacy and security when accessing online records , which identifies consumer access to online electronic health records as warranting two-factor authentication.

Smart health ID cards also facilitate compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requirements and, when used by healthcare providers, with the Drug Enforcement Administration’s two-factor authentication requirement for ePrescribing controlled substances and the forthcoming requirement from the Department of Health and Human Services to use two-factor authentication to access and exchange EHRs.

A compliant smart health ID card can incorporate a smart card chip and deliver benefits to healthcare providers and payers. Smart cards can be used in all environments. With a smart health ID card, patient information can be stored in the smart card chip and accessed from authorized readers; a patient photo can also be included on the health ID card. Issuers also have the option to remove printed personal and confidential information from the card and store it securely in the smart card, protecting patient privacy.

Hospital Management
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