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Cold Chain Management

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Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China

Brand Name: JH

Certification: CE,RHOS,SGS

Model Number: Asset Management

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Cold Chain Management

Cold Chain Management




Countless supply chains contain items that are temperature sensitive and require appropriate handling throughout the supply chain to ensure the integrity of the goods. Although traditional temperature sensors can provide data in regards to the current temperature – the collection of the data, especially in an integrated supply chain can be difficult. By taking advantage of RFID temperature loggers and passive temperature tags, companies can quickly and accurately capture current and historical (if using a logger) temperature .


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Together, RFID tags and accurate data represent a vastly improved method of tracking products over whole operations, replacing the time-consuming and insecure barcodes.


With RIFD it is possible to gain full visibility and real-time information and alerts on product’s whereabouts and condition from production to POS.


The regulation for certain industries, such as food or pharmaceutical, indicates that traceability has to be guaranteed at all levels of the supply chain.





  • End-2-end traceability through the supply chain
  • Open supply chain visibility
  • Guaranteed chain of costs
  • Improved regulatory compliance


How it works

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RFID temperature loggers are assigned to a shipment. These loggers can be configured to log temperature at a predefined interval. The loggers themselves typically have a battery on board to handle this operation. Alternatively, passive temperature tags (no battery), can also be used but will not provide historical temperature information, just the current temperature.


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At strategic points in the supply chain, use RFID handhelds and fixed readers running TagMatiks software to communicate to the RFID temperature tags. If using loggers, collect historical data as well.


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Set alarms based on temperature thresholds and report to users based on data collected. Take the appropriate business action.


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